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Thread: how to connect to internet at my graduate school

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    Re: how to connect to internet at my graduate school

    Yep, read and replied your PM. No problem with editing out the SSID alone. Let me know (here or in PM) if you have doubts about anything else. We all respect anonymity of users.
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    Re: how to connect to internet at my graduate school

    So i am going to try to run the commands tomorrow. Looking at the connections tab I can tell you that PEAP was not enabled. Still, I do not have the CA-certificate but i know that the school requires one.

    I looked at all other OS (xp/vista/7/8/ OSX)... Uppon attempt to connect the certificate is offered the user. But i as a ubuntu user do not get this certificate. Is there any way to obtain it like everyone else does? No other students have had to add it manually, it just works for them. Is there anyway for ubuntu to grab that certificate?

    EDIT: SOLVED. i cant believe it but all that was needed was to change the connection type from "Tunneling" to "PEAP" in the drop down menu.

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