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Thread: CineS2 6.5 / RC6 / reboot

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    CineS2 6.5 / RC6 / reboot


    i need help

    several month ago i was building my HTPC based on ubuntu 12.10, already at that time i had a Problem getting my CINE S2 V6.5 Satelite Card to work the Card was so new that i had to find Workarounds to get it working....

    Lately i had Problems with some of my newly installed plugins... after a while of Trial and error i decided to do a complete reinstall of everything
    i changed to ubuntu 13.04 i was able to install everything like it should only sproblem again was my sat Card and Sound via HDMI

    Sound via HDMI i could sort that out, only other thing was my Card, after several tries i found out how to do it i had to install media-build-experimental-dkms

    an voila it was working Card was there and i could acces it...

    at that Point everything was ok BUT i fast realized that my remote Logitec via RC6 Receiver wasnt working and that sudo reboot didn't work -> resulted in black Screen
    (before installing media-build-experimental-dkms the remote an reboot function was there)

    Several People took the same build for theire Problem but noone reported a similar Problem

    Honestly tried to reinstall on base of 12.04, 12.10 same result!

    for my xbmc Setup Login an pass for root is xbmc/xbmc

    yesterday when i retried a reboot via ssh i saw a message like xbmc reboot

    but my xbmc session on my tv was still going on, when i tried there to rebbot the machine i saw in the ssh session root reboot

    so could there been a "user" acces Problem ? from where is the root ?

    i don't know what to test, please i would be happy for any direction pointing me to the Problem

    P.S. my child a wife don't have TV for 4 straight days.. my life depends on it


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    Re: CineS2 6.5 / RC6 / reboot

    Please ask mods to move this to "Multimedia and Video" where your post will have a better chance of being seen by those gurus.

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    Re: CineS2 6.5 / RC6 / reboot

    Moved to Multimedia & Video.


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