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Thread: Second Monitor Bogs Down OS

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    Second Monitor Bogs Down OS

    I'm actually using Mint 15 Olivia, but if I'm not mistaken the core of Mint is Ubuntu based. I couldn't find anyone using Mint with a similar problem.

    I have a second monitor I've tried using several times now, but there is a problem and I can't find the fix. As soon as I plug the second monitor in

    (it's an older HP 19 inch) Mint slows to a crawl. For instance, in the display configuration panel if I click on the drop down menu to see the resolution

    options it'll take a minute or two for it to respond, or any other button for that matter. The more I try to use it the worse it gets until it just freezes,

    or is taking so long to respond I'm not waiting around to see. But as soon as I unplug the monitor we're back up and running. Anybody know if there

    is something I can configure to fix this?

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    Re: Second Monitor Bogs Down OS

    You give no specs on your computer, but this might be of help: If this doesn't work, please post information about your hardware.
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    Re: Second Monitor Bogs Down OS

    Linux Mint question.

    Thread moved to Other OS/Distro Support.

    @sonofadoc, you might want to post details of your graphics card and if AMD or nvidia whether you are using the open source or proprietary driver.
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