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Thread: Connecting hp 3055A deskjet to Ubuntu

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    Connecting hp 3055A deskjet to Ubuntu

    Hi there

    I hope somebody can help!

    I've been trying without any success to scan a document using hp 3055a deskjet, however, even after upgrading my software to version 12.04 the deskjet keeps stating `computer not found'. If anybody knows how I would be very grateful! Please note I'm not very technical so in simple terms please, thank you!!

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    Re: Connecting hp 3055A deskjet to Ubuntu

    I have a HP 3520, and I also get "no computer found" when I try to scan from the desktop to the computer. It says something about some software not installed. I suspect this is a windows function not available with ubuntu, (but I could be wrong).
    There's a few ways you can initiate a scan from the computer. If you go to "graphics" there's 3 programs there that will do it.
    With the Gimp image editor, go to new, create, select xsane.
    or you can select "xsane" directly, then there's the "simple scan"

    I had problems with my computer not finding the scanner, reinstalling HPLIP fixed that.

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    Re: Connecting hp 3055A deskjet to Ubuntu

    Thread moved to Hardware.

    Welcome. You need to have hplip installed (in the repos) and the drivers for your printer from the HP site.

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    Re: Connecting hp 3055A deskjet to Ubuntu

    The HPLIP in the repository is fairly old.
    You can get a much newer version directly from HP.

    I have an HP Deskjet 3520 and this worked for me.
    HP's newest On this website you can download the HPLIP software which supports 2,211 HP printers on nearly any Linux distribution available today.
    Ubuntu's older version
    sudo apt-get install hplip-gui
    gksudo hp-setup
    # new version

    No system tray error:
    open up the "startup applications" editor from the admin menu.
    add a new program, for the command put:
    sleep 10;/usr/bin/hp-systray
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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