Alright, so I'm seriously considering throwing off the shackles that Micro$oft calls Windows, but I have a unique hardware setup. Right now, I have Windows and all my background software like Steam installed on my 120GB SSD, with all the larger stuff like games, music, and photos on my 750GB HDD. I'd like to do the same with Ubuntu. Install Ubuntu and background software on my SSD and everything else on my HDD. Does Ubuntu have a streamlined way of doing that? That is, a way to install software where you want them to be installed using the Software Center or some other mechanism? Or, will I need to get my hands dirty with the Terminal. I'm not turned off from using Terminal, but it's not my ideal way of doing things. I like Ubuntu because of how close it's approaching its straightforward use, but if I have to use Terminal for this I suppose I will.

Any friendly guidance is appreciated.