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Thread: Is balsa the best email to grab old Hotmail msgs?

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    Is balsa the best email to grab old Hotmail msgs?

    I want to get off the Outlook webmail client and move all the server-resident msgs to my laptop.

    I'm considering balsa, Evolution and Thunderbird. Which is best?
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    Re: Is balsa the best email to grab old Hotmail msgs?

    Have never used balsa, but have used both Evolution and Thunderbird (currently). I dropped Evolution when Ubuntu moved to T-bird and never missed it. It was becoming a bloated thing with features that I didn't need and ran significantly more slowly than T-bird. It was the same reason I couldn't stand Outlook back in my Windows days. But then again, I subscribe to the Linux philosophy where I want my apps to do one thing well rather than a dozen things poorly. However, I realize there are some who prefer their e-mail client to be a Swiss army knife.

    That gives you an idea of your options: Evolution is a swiss army knife. T-bird is more a jackknife. If you want even more simplicity, try Sylpheed which I quite like. And if you are strictly minimalist, you can go for the CLI e-mail reader mutt though it is really meant only for hardcore CLI jockeys (which I'm not, but I still like it).

    Here is a page listing the e-mail clients in Ubuntu.

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    Re: Is balsa the best email to grab old Hotmail msgs?

    Thunderbird will fetch hotmail messages just fine.

    So will Evolution.
    Just know that Evolution will drop all POP3 style inboxes into a unified inbox by design.
    That "it's not a bug, it's a feature" approach drove me from using Evolution Mail.
    It's only an issue if you setup more than one POP3 account.

    I've never heard of balsa. But, anything you can stick your Hotmail POP3 info into should work.

    Sylpheed/Claws works well. KMail looks nice.

    You could even setup Zimbra Desktop if you wanted to go that route.
    Link to Zimbra. It isn't in the repos.
    You probably won't want to go through the hassle for it, though.
    And, isn't sanity really just a one-trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick: "rational thinking."
    But, when you're good and crazy? Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! The sky is the limit!


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