Hi all.

I've got some questions regarding Thunderbird and my University email. The help page for my university is rather unhelpful:

Server type: Microsoft Exchange 2003
The University does not run a POP or IMAP server
Server address: exfs.adir.hull.ac.uk
(if you are a staff member and have been migrated to Exchange 2010, enter mail.hull.ac.uk)
Connect to Exchange mailbox using HTTP: Yes
Exchange proxy server: msstd:exfs.adir.hull.ac.uk
Authentication: Basic
User name: User ID@hull.ac.uk (eg. 300300@hull.ac.uk)

Password: Your campus password


Queries are as follows:

How is it possible that an email server with around 15,000 students has neither POP nor IMAP? And how would I configure my email client (i.e. Early Bird, alpha-channel release of Thunderbird) to receive email from the University? The info I need is (for incoming AND outgoing): port number, SSL, and "authentication". I imagine the IT department will, if I email them, reply along the lines of "Oh, we don't support email clients other than Outlook. Have you tried Windows?". Obviously, that isn't an option.

Help appreciated!