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Thread: Mumble/Murmur server help

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    Mumble/Murmur server help

    I had a mumble server running just fine on my home server today. The server went down and when I manually launched it a new mumble server popped up instead of the one that I have been using and is already configured.

    I started the server with murmurd as directed by someone else. I see now they were wrong. I decided to delete mumble and just start over

    I did:
    sudo apt-get remove --purge mumble-server

    But the server still ran. So Im thinking there is another instance of the server running somewhere but I can not locate it.
    There is nothing about mumble in /var/log

    Anyone know where another instance of mumble may be and how to get rid of it?


    Oh also today I added 8gb more of ram and a dedicated network card. Could the card have caused the issue?

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    Re: Mumble/Murmur server help

    The executable is /usr/sbin/murmurd so you can search for that:
    ps -ef | grep murmurd
    and if it's there, you should also see what ini file it used. You should be able to kill it with the command
    sudo killall -9 murmurd

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    Re: Mumble/Murmur server help

    Worked great thank you so much!


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