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Thread: Skype transmitting computer audio

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    Skype transmitting computer audio

    I came accross the problem after installing mumble. I tried uninstalling mumble but to no avail. Skype would not record my microphone input and my friends have comfirmed that skype is transmitting computer audio. The problem is defintley with Skype or something ascociated with it as recording my mic with a program like audacity works fine.

    Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit

    If there is any other infomation that would help please tell me.

    Any help would be very much appreciated because skype is (sadly) vital to me on a day to day basis.
    Thank you for you time.
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    Re: Skype transmitting computer audio

    I don't understand what you mean by "Skype would not record my microphone input." Do you mean, you talk and your friends hear nothing? Have you gone into the Skype settings for audio test?

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    Re: Skype transmitting computer audio

    I mean that my friends can not hear what I am saying, instead they hear the sound from a video that I might be playing for example. I have done the test call, and nothing is played back when it should be. sound from skype work normally. Also in the sound devices settings there is nothing to change, the only option is PulseAudio Server (local).
    Sorry for not being clear with my post.
    Thank you very much for helping me i really appreciate it

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