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Thread: Is it "safe" for me to switch to Ubuntu?

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    Re: Is it "safe" for me to switch to Ubuntu?

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    Thanks everyone for the replies! I have actually been using Ubuntu for a while now (since 9.04) so I'm fairly experienced with it, just trying to get other people's opinions.

    Thanks grahammechanical for the response, but isn't Mir supposed to become the default in 13.10 with an X fallback, and then that fallback will be removed in 14.04? I read that here(OMGUbuntu) and here (Softpedia), but perhaps I missed some more recent news? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

    Thanks again everyone for the replies!
    My understanding is that the roadmap of removing x fallback assumes that there will be proprietary graphic driver support by 14.04. If not I suppose x fallback will stay so I am not worrying about that. The worst case scenario is that there IS some last minute proprietary driver support for 14.04 but it is buggy (as these things usually takes time to smooth out) and they remove x fallback, so IMO if proprietary driver doesn't come early in the 14.04 developmental cycle it may as well not come at all until 14.10.

    I would also like to have the option of using the up to date open source drivers even if I have an Nvidia or AMD card (there seems to be a lot of exciting development in the open source 3d drivers lately) I have no idea how nouveau works with xmir as most of the data appear to be Intel and if you use Nvidia everyone assumes that you would use the blob, but nouveau is actually smoother than the blob for most "normal" use not involving gaming in 13.04 and 12.04.The latest nouveau developmental driver appears to have some support for power management and vdpau, it is closing the gap. It would be very bad if Ubuntu cuts itself off from these developments because of Mir.
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