The title might seem odd to some of you, so let me explain a bit. When I say "is it 'safe'" to switch to Ubuntu, I ask because of the current situation with Mir. I myself have no opposition to the fact that Canonical has decided to use Mir as the default display server in Ubuntu 13.10, but the only thing I'm concerned about is proprietary driver support. I play some games on Steam, so proprietary drivers are a must for me. I know that I can fall back to X and use the current drivers in 13.10, but what about when 14.04 LTS comes along? Is it likely that AMD/Nvidia will put out Mir-compatible drivers when the time comes? I know there is no definite answer, but what's your opinion?

Also, I saw somewhere that if AMD/Nvidia were to put out a driver that uses EGL (not 100% sure what that is, but that's beside the point), that the driver would be compatible with both Mir and Wayland. Is that true? I don't have much knowledge when it comes to driver coding, so that could be completely wrong.