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Thread: Sapphire HD5450, multi-monitor

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    Sapphire HD5450, multi-monitor

    I gave myself a headache last week.
    I decided to upgrade my computer with an AMD Bulldozer 8120 processor, new motherboard, new HDD and RAM but keeping my old graphics cards.
    Thought I should upgrade to 13.04 so I installed, copied my data and so on and I was ready to attach my monitors.
    If you followed my thread last year then you will note that I attach 4 monitors to my computer and the last post in the thread gives you what I did to make them work.
    So gaily following my own work I downloaded the drivers from AMD and installed them and I got a message on my screens saying I had unsupported hardware. This I tracked to my graphics cards. I have 2 x Sapphire HD5450 cards which give VGA and DVI-I output. I have no monitors that accept DVI input.
    So I did another full install of 13.04 but this time I downloaded a backlevel version of the drivers from AMD - go to their site directly - do not use apt-get.
    In trying to get the monitors configured I kept finding my user output crippled. No output other than what was on the desktop. No task launcher. Then I broke X11 altogether and could only get command line access.
    So another full install and more attempts and then a lucky happenchance. On boot I had a list of about 10 Linux Kernels to run from so I used a back level kernel and booted. But unexpectedly I booted from my old hard disk which was still in my machine following data transfer. It worked. My screens were still configured.
    So I took out the new disk with the new installation and I am running 12.04 good as gold.

    Now the interesting thing is this. I have changed from a 4 core processor to an 8 core processor. I have changed the motherboard with all the bits on it - chipset etc. And Ubuntu worked without the need to re-install everything. I cannot imagine Windows ever doing something like that.
    All power to the God that is Linux.
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    Re: Sapphire HD5450, multi-monitor

    Not a support question, so moved.
    Bringing old hardware back to life. About problems due to upgrading.
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