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Thread: Unlocking thread after supposed copyright infringement.

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    Unlocking thread after supposed copyright infringement.

    I started a thread here and an admin locked it due to a possible copyright infringement, so I decided to post here to explain and ask for your decision.

    The soundtracks I post are most of the time older than 20 years. This won't say anything about the legality of me using them, but since those composers intended their creations to be played on real hardware, I lack that so I have to use emulation to produce the music to as closest as possible. So the way the things I post don't sound downright identical to how the composer intended it to sound, it would barely sound identical from an sound module to another. So from what I know, this would classify as "fair use".
    Also aditionally, in all the videos' description and on my own site I write notices to the involved parties of the said soundtracks, and ask them if they think those soundtracks shouldn't be there, they can contact me to have them removed.
    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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    Re: Unlocking thread after supposed copyright infringement.

    The onus is on you to get permission to use the soundtracks, putting a notice on your web site is not enough. You actually have to contact the copyright holders and get their permissions before posting any content.

    We are not the copyright police, and laws vary from country to country so we can't do anything about violations, but we'd rather not get entangled in any legal problems here on the Forum. As far as I'm concerned the thread will remain closed.


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