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Thread: One time install?

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    One time install?

    I have one time change to install via Internet. How to install all?
    I want games, graphics and sound applications menus fully filled.
    I want all important dev libraries for developing apps.

    Later I can download individual packages manually with mobile phone
    but really I don't want.

    I installed Ubuntu at 2008 initially from DVD, and I had one time
    change to upgrade, but at home I noticed that too many apps
    were missing. And GTK2 dev libraries stayed broken up to this

    I'm also looking for Debian; in case if anyone knows if its install app
    has "yes, just install all" button. Some kind of "thief" installation
    mode; a thief never returns but gets all he needs.

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    Re: One time install?

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums

    There are just too many packages around, so it is not possible to download everything. You need to decide what you want and download that. Think in general terms: What kind of program packages do you know, need or want?

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    Re: One time install?

    If you only have one *chance* you should install Ubuntu 12.04, get all updates, then add: Restricted Extras, build-essential, GIMP, Audacity, VLC Media Player, XBMC, ffmpeg. I'm not sure if Python is installed by default, if not, get it. That should give you enough stuff to play with to keep you busy for many months.


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