Absolute newbie hence posting here.
New media server - ancient Via Epia board with SSD for OS and hard drive for media. Running Ubuntu 10.04.4 as this is the latest release which will run on a cpu without cmov.

Have installed the following - openssh-server, Samba, VNC, Logitech Mediaserver and run headless to a mixed OS network.

No big problems however I can't get the media drive to spin down. The processor is low power, fanless and will run 24/7 and I want to spin the hdd down when not actively serving.

I have tried "sudo hdparm -S120 /dev/sdb" which has no effect. The drive is always active/idle.
I notice that "sudo hdparm -Y /dev/sdb" spins the drive down but immediately crashes the system.

Any/all help much appreciated.