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Thread: Wget, JavaScript

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    Wget, JavaScript

    I am trying to download a couple of pages from this publicly available website:

    As you can see it is a list of funds. Downloading the first page is easy, but I would like to do 2 things:
    - first change the number of rows to 500 (as with the drop down box near the bottom of the list)
    - download all available pages (like clicking the next button)

    As these buttons are coded with JavaScript I have no clue how to do this, but if might be handy if i could tell wget to click this buttons for me. Is there a possibility to do such a thing?

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    Re: Need help with wget

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    I don't think wget will click buttons for you. It is a command line program. Maybe you can do it with xdotool in combination with a GUI browser, for example Firefox.

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    Re: Need help with wget

    wget will spider pages for you, but you have to be careful that you don't bog down the remote site with unecessary requests and that you don't harvest more than you need.

    See the following options in the wget manual page:



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