Hello all! First time posted, long time reader. By a long string of back luck coincidences, I feel like my only chance to recover (if not fully, then partially) my data is to defer to you. Here's the deal:

Initially, 6aid 6 (mdadm) with 10 drives, a mix of 1 and 2 TB WD drives (was moving towards all 2 TB). Needed more space, so I decided to add another drive to the array. Easy, right? I partition and add the drive just fine, and it starts to reshape (which is terribly slow, by the way).

About a day into the process, Ubuntu magically decides to kick one of my other drives OFF of the array, turning it into a spare. Why? I have no idea. There was a reboot in there somewhere for some reason I'm not really sure of. OK, so that's fine...that's why I have raid 6.

Of course, things go downhill from here. I check the SMART status of my drives, and lo and behold one of my 1 TB drives has not passed a SMART check. ****. 2 down, I'm nervous but OK. 3, I'm screwed. I hope that the reshape finishes before this drive fails.

Nope. Drive fails at about 80% of the way through the reshape. So now I have 3 drives down in my array, and it's just sitting there, wondering what the hell to do. I have not done much other than try to get the array up and reshape again, to no avail.

So, any help? I'll post commands as requested, but at this point I'm out of ideas. I've been reading for days on what to do, and short of trying to image the failed drive onto a new one, I've tried most everything (whilst making sure I didn't force Ubuntu to do anything drastic).