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Thread: Terminal Randomly Freezes

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    Question Terminal Randomly Freezes

    When running an application (for example via a launcher with terminal or straight from a terminal instance), the terminal randomly freezes. That is, the output stops in mid-stream after a random period.

    I discovered this while trying to run some long-running machine learning applications using a terminal.

    Terminals Affected:


    Occurs with python test applications (see code below) or java applications. This also occurs randomly. See the sample code below (save to file and execute in a terminal). Using this code you can see the output freezes perhaps after a few minutes. In other words, the terminal scrolls output and then just stops mid-stream. To resume, you either need to:
    1. expressly select reset & clear or
    2. double click on the terminal window or
    3. UNRELIABLE--possibly just try to scroll back and fourth.

    What I Tried:
    Using various terminals, I have tried setting scrollback on, off, unlimited, or 512 lines--in other words, I have tried everything that I am aware to avoid some type of obvious "buffer" issue. I have also written teh test case below. Oddly, this occurs in any of the GUI terminals--but MIGHT not occur with xterm (I have never seen the issue occur with xterm so far).

    Test Code:
    import time
    starttime = time.time()
    i = 0
        i = i + 1
        print("Still working " , i, " " , time.time() - starttime)
    Ubuntu 13.04
    MATE 1.6 (but also occurs in Ubuntu Default, GNOME3, etc.)
    32Gb memory
    NVidia 760

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    Re: Terminal Randomly Freezes

    Possible Resolution:

    I confirmed that the terminal freezes randomly when running a terminal instance such as MATE Terminal or GNOME Terminal. The freezing or stopping did not occur with XTerm.

    This lead me to think that this was a video issue. Because I am using a new video card (Nvidia GTX 760) as of August 2013, I started to investigate the video card driver itself. I was apparently using an older version of the Nouveau Driver. I did not install the Nvidia proprietary drivers (currently 3.25).

    I uninstalled Ubunut Nvidia Current and installed Nvidia 319 using Syntaptics (the option does not appear in Ubuntu SoftwareCenter). The install, even on a high-end machine took quite some time. I then selected the Additional Drivers and the NVIDIA binary xorg driver (NOT Nouveau). Again, this took a while to make the change.

    Subsequent testing using the above test Python code shows the video driver update resolved the problem.

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    Re: Terminal Randomly Freezes

    PLease do not create multiple threads as this dilutes community effort

    Thread closed

    Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions ... Do your thing, and don't care if they like it.

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