Hey guys

Ok so basically im thinking of switching to linux, and there is only one thing holding me back and that's 3 games i love to play

1. Tera online
2. Napoleon total war
3. Rome 2 total war

Now according to winehq, both tera and napoleon require custom patch's. and patching wine, especially with the need of so many patch's can be a real pain to do.

So i was wondering, if anyone knows whether PlayOnLinux has created custom wine version's for these 2 specific game's, i know sometimes they make custom patched version's themselves for users

Maybe i should be asking on the POL forum's, but honestly there forum's do confuse me

So i thought id just ask if anyones had success with these games without having to patch a bunch of custom wine patchs

These are the only games ive been playing for the past year, if they worked well on linux, id switch pretty quickly