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Thread: Account change after SSO login

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    Account change after SSO login


    SSO login using a different E-Mail address inadvertently took me to this new forum account.

    My original account was (ngc2997) - I actually don't remember its registration E-Mail, but obviously it wasn't Gmail...

    I'd be grateful if someone please unlinked this new account from SSO and told me my original forum registration E-Mail (might have been g*.net or g*.de - although I'm unsure which of these exactly it was).

    Question for my next login attempt: do I need to set the forum registration address as preferred address in Ubuntu Login only once? I.e., those GMX addresses are kind of 'out of order' now (I don't quite use them anymore, yet they still exist) - may I change my preferred E-Mail to the original forum address, login (having my old account linked) and then change my preferred E-Mail back to my current one?

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Account change after SSO login

    The address is

    Change SSO preferred to that one.

    Log back in here.

    Change SSO preferred to what ever you want.

    Once you're back in here and everything is sorted I'll change the e-mail on ngc2997 to whatever you want - you can't do that yourself atm - there is a bug.

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