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Thread: Adjusting "ShmMax" of kernel, a good idea?

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    Adjusting "ShmMax" of kernel, a good idea?

    I wanted to install Avast (I have a Windows partition and deal with Windows computers and files a lot) but it comes up with an error when trying to update. It seems fixing it requires changing the amount of shared memory the kernel can use.

    Is this a good idea? Could it effect stability of the OS or cause problems with other programs?

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    Re: Adjusting "ShmMax" of kernel, a good idea?

    Welcome to Ubuntu and the forums, mike_smith2

    Accepting for the moment your need to install AV, it's your call whether you want to change basic system parameters in order to accommodate an app that isn't even needed in Linux. I have no idea whether this change will destabilize the OS. But if I were in your shoes, I would look to other products (clam or AVG) that presumably don't make such hairy demands before considering Avast.

    Man, am I glad my AV days are over with.


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