I have a new Samsung external USB disk on which I wish to install 3 Linux distros; Ubuntu 12.04, Lubuntu 13.04 and Mint. I have partitioned the Samsung USB drive using Gparted, creating 2 primary and 1 extended partition with the extended partition containing several logical partitions. So I have /dev/sdc Samsung 1TB drive /dev/sdc1 ntfs partitioned /dev/sdc5 ext2 partition for Ubuntu 12.04 /dev/sdc6 ext2 Partition for Lubuntu 13.04 /dev/sdc7 ext2 Partition for Linux Mint /dev/sdc8 ext2 Data partition /dev/sdc2 Linux Swap I want to allocated to swap space partition to be used by each of the Linux o/s. The Ubuntu 12.04 Installation failed at the end with error message “Unable to install GRUB in /dev/sdc5” I tried setting the partition to choose /dev/sdc as the partition to install the bootloader into, but the same error message was again the result. What do I do to get the bootloader to install on this disk ( an external USB drive ) ? Thanks Ray NB the os on the internal drive is Windows Vista.