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Thread: Problems recognizing Sony Navigation controller

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    Question Problems recognizing Sony Navigation controller

    Anyone else successfully use a Playstation Move Navigation controller? (Specifically in Natty/11.04, but I'll take advice for 12.04 or even Windows too.)

    My goal is to use it via the USB cable, but I am getting mixed results. The Navigation controller works on an Android tablet (connected via USB), on a 12.04 laptop (connected via USB), but not on my 11.04 laptop (connected via USB).

    I've installed joystick (which includes jstest driver version is 2.1.0); it recognizes as the Sony Navigation Controller, but all the Axis values (all 28 of them) and the buttons aren't responding. Nothing responds in Calibration, clicking Mapping causes the GUI to quit. Running jstest command-line on /dev/inout/js0 causes it to read everything as off and hang until I interrupt with CTRL+C.

    I've even installed Rejoystick, but I get no response from the program when I click buttons or rotate the joystick; some of the axis were always lit on the 12.04 machine (probably the motion-sensor). The controller behaves the same way in Windows XP; it gets read by name, but nothing clicks on testing. No games register the controller either.

    I've tried installing qtsixa from the repository ppa:falk-t-j/qtsixa, even adding python-qt4, but it won't recognize the USB connection.

    Is my 11.04 lacking something, and if so, can I do anything about it?
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