I'd had issues with mdadm and my RAID array that a forum member helped me through here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2174124
As such, he recommended a tutorial that Rubylaser posted on his site to setup SnapRAID & AUFS, especially since running a server for a Media Center.

I have since rebuilt my server over the weekend, and followed Rubylasers tutorial http://zackreed.me/articles/72-snapraid-on-ubuntu-12-04, but when trying to create folders in /storage as my own user account, am unable to do so.
I chown & chgrp /storage to mark:mark vs root:root and finally chmod the /storage folder to 777. I still couldn't create/do anything in there.

As root, I created a /storage/Media folder, and set it to mark:mark, and my user account has full access to do everything in there, so I'm not overly concerned about it, but is that expected behavior?

A second question... once all of my data has completed it's move, I'd like to grow the "array" with those drives. What steps do you make to grow the SnapRAID array?