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Thread: Playing Spore and DarkSpore on Ubuntu

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    Question Playing Spore and DarkSpore on Ubuntu

    I dowloaded darkspore from their website. it dowloaded just fine and it validates. I used wine to do this. thing is when i hit play it shinks my resolution and a ghost window pops up for a sec or two. then it does nothing at all. resolution is still all funny but no game.

    Also i have a hacked version of spore i got from Vuze. same instalation, seemed like it was working. no problems during install. but it will not run. a screen pops up asking for the registration code. i try to use the one that worked when installing the game but it just keeps popping up that window. tell me to re-enter and verify. i have tried several torrents also. one of them said not to dowload ea manager. im pretty sure i dont have it on here. doesnt come up in any searches. I just want to play some fun games an still use Ubuntu. any help would begreatly appreciated. im new to Linux Ubuntu. Thank ya.

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    Re: Playing Spore and DarkSpore on Ubuntu

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