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Thread: Trying to use Aztech WL562USB in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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    Re: Trying to use Aztech WL562USB in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    Quote Originally Posted by fs3 View Post
    Hi Varun,

    I had tested 12.04.03, both adapters are natively supported. Thanks.
    Glad to hear that.

    As for the recommendation on TP-Link adapters, I don't remember any in particular. As troubleshooters, obviously we come across only those ones that have some issues to be solved - minor or major. I'll have to do the same thing as you would do otherwise - search the forums with keywords "TP-Link" or "TP-Link wireless", and pick the threads that were easily solved with the latest kernel versions (3.8.0-19 or later).

    An official list of "Supported devices" can be found here :
    Direct link to supported TP-Link models :

    Although I won't trust the above too much. Things keep changing and stuff breaks. By personal experience, I think anything supported by the native rt2800usb is easy to fix, if required. But then again, there may be others that don't need any fixing at all.
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    Re: Trying to use Aztech WL562USB in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    Thanks again & had gt the thread marked solved.

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