Hi all,

After struggling with Intel Integrated Graphics and OpenGL games I decided to throw in the towel and install an addon graphics card. Card is AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6670.

I decided to go with the fglrx packaged in the Ubuntu repositories (distro is Lubuntu 13.10 beta), and the driver does work fine on the face of it.

However the fglrx in 10.10's repositories did not recognise my 6670 card, and hence I downloaded AMD's latest Linux 64 bit driver package for my card and installed it. Although it (the driver) is the latest and 10.10 is ancient in the fast moving Linux world, the driver actually seems to work flawlessly with the old 2.6 kernel!

But I noticed that while AMD's latest driver is at version 13.152 (2D: 13.15.3, cccle: 2.19, OpenGL: 4.2.12422), the fglrx from 13.10's repos is at version 13.101 (2D: 13.10.10, cccle: 2.18, OpenGL: 4.2.12337), a little bit behind AMD's.

I'm just wondering normally how long it would take the Ubuntu developers to package the latest fglrx for an release, after it becomes available from AMD?

I see from AMD that they released the latest driver back in May. So how long until Ubuntu starts shipping it for the latest release? Or do they stick with whatever driver version they chose for a release till the latter's end of life?

Although the current driver works fine, it'd still be good if Ubuntu can test and release the latest graphics drivers a reasonable amount of time after they become available from the manufacturers. Especially for a non-LTS release where rock solid stability is not paramount.