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Thread: got hi-jacked by bing

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    Re: got hi-jacked by bing

    Quote Originally Posted by Buntu Bunny View Post
    Lately I find DuckDuckGo to give the best search results for my queries.
    yes, and it does not track the user as well.

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    Re: got hi-jacked by bing

    I really like "startpage"

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    Re: got hi-jacked by bing

    Yeah I miss having a cat they are such great companions

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    Re: got hi-jacked by bing

    Quote Originally Posted by squakie View Post
    Interesting. I just tried with tpad tablet as the search string, and it still shows a link for the ipad mini first! Something tells me "someone" may have paid some $ for getting their product bumped to the front, or else they have a robot constantly checking and updating so they are moved to the top.
    yes at first i though it was just my wife's website which got thrown down to 2nd, 3rd page despite havign relevant title, web domain and keyword. other sites came on top that are not even relevant. for example she writes about Indonesian food, yet titles that are before her page have (mostly) articles, recipes about chinese, malaysian food. i thought ok so she did something wrong with keywords, links... but then about 3 months ago i've noticed that i simply can not find what i am looking for despite exact phrase. relevant results were often on second page or 3rd page. not on top anymore. i think they've ruined it with this new algorythm. i then checked other engines and see that her site is still close to the top. as it should be since there is only 1 or 2 more websites completely dedicated to this local cuisine.

    +1 on duck duck go. it seems to give good results. unfortunatelly i am not sure if you can earn any money with them like you can with google ads
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