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Thread: hvr 1600 IR blaster setup

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    hvr 1600 IR blaster setup

    I was able to get the remote working in Myth and the blaster to send using Jays tutorial as referenced in
    but have not been able to figure out how to get it to send the proper codes for my receiver through mythtv.

    SOLVED (This assumes you are already watching and recording your stb in mythtv)

    Just needed to figure out the finer details.
    I created the scripts using
    sudo gedit
    and edited the files using
    sudo gedit /path/to/what ever the file name is
    After changing anything in lirc, save and restart lirc to get the changes recognised by running
    sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart
    First was place the Jays blaster codes
    in the hauppauge lirc file. The hauppauge lirc path is in /etc/lirc/lirc.conf
    Restart lirc
    Not knowing anything about scripts, it took a while to figure out I had to make the channel change script in Jays post executable,
    so I could run it and find my power code.
    All the scripts required the entire path to the file, even the sudo chmod command. I put everything in /home/mythtv, so it was simply
    sudo chmod 755 /home/mythtv/
    to make it executable
    With the blaster attached to the stb ir receiver, I ran
    and watch the output until the power went off the stb. When I tried to test the code with irsend in terminal
    irsend SEND_ONCE blaster 0_29_KEY_POWER
    it didnt work, so I tried
    irsend SEND_ONCE blaster 1_28_KEY_POWER
    and it worked. I simply saw the change in terminal 1 code late. If you run and it doesn't work, make sure you have placed the blaster on the stb ir receiver properly (cover the spot with something and try your stb remote. If it doesn't work, it's the right spot) and try again.
    If it still doesn't work, the script probably doesn't have your stb remote codes, so your done here. good luck
    Still here? Great. Now you can clean up your remote blaster codes.
    Mine were 1_28, so I deleted everything from
    name 0_1_KEY_0 to name 0_28_KEY_DISPLAY 1835029
    and name 0_29_KEY_0 to name 1_731_KEY_Off 2195390542 leaving the line "end raw_codes". Don't delete the hauppauge remote codes.
    For the script I used for channel change in myth, i needed to delete 1_28_KEY_ from each code. This is done easily in gedit using Replace in the Search menu. For me, it was SEARCH FOR 1_28_KEY_ and leave REPLACE WITH blank. Click Replace All and your done. Save and restart lirc

    For the channel change script, I used Mark's from (please note the last line about beer)
    The script is at
    Again, I saved in /home/mythtv
    For me, blaster was correct and needs_enter=0 was correct, but the location for irsend was wrong. I googled how to search for a file and searched the entire hard drive to find irsend. No idea how long the search took as I left the room. When I came back, my search had found it at /usr/bin/irsend.
    Make sure this line is correct and save.
    sudo chmod 755 /home/mythtv/
    I tested channel 302 in terminal with
    /home/mythtv/ $SIGNAL 302
    it worked, so I put it in mythbackend under Input Connection as my external channel change script. Again, use the full path

    If you've read this far, you, like me, were probably close to reaching the end of the internet trying to figure out how to get this to work. Hopefully this helps.

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