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Thread: Can't install ubuntu in my new ideapad u430

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    Re: Can't install ubuntu in my new ideapad u430

    Thank you so much, now I feel very silly. It was the brightness indeed. I'm marking this a solved.

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    Re: Can't install ubuntu in my new ideapad u430

    Quote Originally Posted by mortemdei View Post
    I just got my new laptop, a lenovo ideapad u430, but I can't install ubuntu. I'm not a complete noob, I've installed ubuntu in other computers before, but this one is giving me problems. I got it to boot from the usb but the first installation screen is barely visible, very, very dark, and nothing seems to work. If I press enter when the orange screen with the small keyboard logo appears, it gives me a menu to either install or use ubuntu, but if I choose any of the options it tries to start and then just freezes and the screen is either black or show some logs of what it was doing. Please help, I don't want to have to use windows!
    Hi mortemdei,

    You are more skilled than me.

    I can't get "USB media" to display on my boot options dispite disabling secure boot and enabling USB boot (only windows and network boot options display).

    I'd appreciate any advice about your success.


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