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Thread: Email clients?

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    Email clients?

    So the Gmail client works (kindof). But what about other email clients - like a POP or IMAP client? I can't find one on the "recommended" applications list. Are there any?

    And is the "recommended applications" list the only other applications available for Ubuntu touch? Isn't there an app store where I can search, and sort, and has categories of apps, etc? Where can I find more applications?


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    Re: Email clients?

    Welcome to the forums!

    Thunderbird is the default mail application that ships with Ubuntu. (As of 11.10) It has support for POP and IMAP.

    Email Clients -- Ubuntu Wiki

    I found this list on the Ubuntu Wiki but I'm not sure if its what you are looking for.

    Touch/Collection -- Ubuntu Wiki

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Email clients?

    An app store for a Ubuntu phone/tablet? Why of course

    But it will need apps.

    One of the things I like about Ubuntu is that there is always space left for those who are not paid employees to contribute. Anyone wishing to develop for Ubuntu Touch can use a Software Development Kit (SDK) provided for such a purpose.

    But you cannot have what is not yet available. Sorry. After all, Ubuntu Touch is still developer pre-view.

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