I've this annoying problem: when someone starts a skype chat with me, it doesn't open a window in front of me. It just puts a little triangle in the skype launcher - so most of the time I don't notice that people want to chat with me. I would like a chat window to pop up as soon as someone starts a chat with me.

In the skype settings, I activated 'open chat window in front of me' to no avail. I suspect that it has to do with Ubuntu windows behaviour, as I also have this problem sometimes with other programs (eg if I click on a pdf file, it doesnt open Acrobat. It just activates the program in the launchbar & I've to click on it to see it.)

I've tried fiddling with compiz setting, ubuntu tweak, etc., but nothing works.

Anyone can help with this? Thanks

I'm on Ubuntu 13.04