I've just found out that all my rsync backups include a large amount (around 35.000 files in total) that are no longer on the source:I have several backups on different drives,and upon restoring one of these on a new hard disk for a test,I spotted some files on the desktop that I had deleted months ago,then I've had a look in my home directory and found lots of stuff that was not supposed to be there anymore-long story short,rsync has not been deleting lots of files that was supposed to delete,in all my backups.

After some tries using --dry-run to avoid issues,I've discovered that only using the --ignore-errors option I can delete those files,which are mostly old firefox backups and old pictures in my home directory,but there's also stuff in /usr/lib or /var/log that needs to be deleted.

So,why is this happening and should I run all my backups with the --ignore-errors option from now on? Is it safe?