I've got a MythTV v26 setup where I've used an antenna to record over the air ATSC broadcasts. I've just gotten Wow (Knology) digital cable installed and snagged a cheap Ceton USB quad tuner off eBay.

I don't have a CableCard installed in the Ceton unit. I didn't have the tuner when the tech came to install the cable. He said that since I don't have any premium channels like HBO, Showtime. etc. I should be able to tune most things since they are clear QAM. He wasn't sure about the high def channels without a CableCard.

I'm getting errors that MythTV-backend cannot open the tuner. Does anyone know if MythTV requires the Ceton unit to have a cable card if you are tuning clear QAM?

Any comments or suggestions about the Ceton USB tuner would be appreciated.