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Thread: lost all sound

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    lost all sound

    I have cleverly lost my sound. I am running with 12.04, nividia gt440 display & sound, [HDA Nvidia] I have also now dicked up the sound program in that it is stuck on dummy playback and just plain stuck. I get my video and sound from hdmi. (hdmi from pc to denon receiver, then hdmi from denon to tv set). I also run dish network through the same tv and the sound there is fine (it all comes through the denon receiver). I have, obviously, screwed something up.

    I have also read several topics on this one. Most say to remove and reinstall the sound things, which I have done. I have also re-booted several times just in case it wanted to heal itself (magic rarely works <g>)

    When I check to see what my sound is it tells me:
    Playback channels: Mono
    Limits playback 0 64
    mono playback 58 [91%] [-6.00db] [on]

    aplay -l
    list of playback hardware, all of which are HDA Nvidia I also refers to hdmi 0 which, I believe refers to the hdmi out on the display board

    I have a number of options on the denon reciever. Its currently set for dolby plII but it could be dts, stereo, direct, etc. I have tested all of these when watching tv and none turn off the sound there.

    Any help would be appreciated as I have, obviously, screwed up pretty good on this and have no idea what I have done. I have also been messing with the nvidia x server settings but, in theory, that should have nothing to do with the sound although.......

    Thank you.............

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    Re: lost all sound

    Please do not start multiple threads for the same problem, it dilutes the community's ability to help.

    Duplicate of closed.
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