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Thread: Security on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.3 and 13.04

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    Unhappy Security on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.3 and 13.04

    I have recently observed problems with intrusion on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.3 and 13.04. Situation is as follows LAMP server and Ubuntu Developer SDK plus Lazarus IDE installed.

    I have installed ufw, lynis, aide, clamav, clamav-daemon, clamtk, tripwire, samhain, autopsy and sleuthkit. And other measures of security and of course updated everything using apt-get and/or aptitude. The Workswicth and Showdektop disappears when having restarted the Ubuntu computer running in Parallels Desktop 9 on Mac OS X Mavericks.

    Also bookmarks in the Firefox and Chrome browser disappeared for no obvious reason...

    I have now decided to report this to You, and wanna know if others have had similar bad experiences...

    I am now using encrypted Ubuntu in encrypted Virtual Machine and that seems to have solved the situation at least for now...

    Kind regards

    Preben Duus
    Ubuntu and Apple Developer
    Munkebo, Denmark

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    Re: Security on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.3 and 13.04

    Thanks for your post.
    Developers do not normally read these pages. Bugs should be reported in Launchpad .

    Please remember to mark the bug report confidential if it concerns a possible exploit.
    If you install Buntu 17.10 remember to download a new ISO file.

    Old ISO files might contain a bug which can damage UEFI hardware. Updating an existing installation and upgrading to 17.10 (if one has faith in upgrades in general) are safe.

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    Re: Security on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.3 and 13.04

    What makes you think you had an intrusion? Did any of the applications you installed point to anything specific? Did you detect anything in the host operating system?


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