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Thread: -lssl -ldl -lpthread linker flag is not working in ubuntu

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    -lssl -ldl -lpthread linker flag is not working in ubuntu

    I have following linker/compiler command,
    LDFLAGS= -lssl -lcrypto -lstdc++ -lpthread -ldl
    CXXFLAGS=-c -O2 -std=gnu++11 -pthread -Werror -Wall

    However I get SSL_* undefined symbols, pthread_create undefined, and dlopen undefined symbols ..

    Same options works fine with Fedora 17. I have all dev files installed in ubuntu.
    What is going on in Ubuntu?
    Any help please?
    Syed Raihan

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    Re: -lssl -ldl -lpthread linker flag is not working in ubuntu

    Is this make? I think you are supposed to use LDLIBS for libraries, not LDFLAGS.

    The reason that your link works on Fedora but not Ubuntu is that on (recent) Ubuntu, ld defaults to --as-needed. You could also probably "fix" it by adding --no-as-needed to your LDFLAGS, but I think that using LDLIBS would be better.

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