Hi all
I have been very happily using mythbuntu for a about 5 years, in that time my system has really been rock solid, but it is now getting older and i have decided it is time to update to a newer and more powerful system.
With this in mind i have started building a new system to replace my trusty old work horse.
First of I have decided to split the front and back ends. This would let me build a small quiet system for the living room and a bigger more powerful server for the back end.
I have the front end well under way. I have all the components which were picked for there quietness, and size, along with reliability. I won't go into too many details here about what I'm using, other than to note that i am using a solid state hard drive for its size and quietness. I am also building a custom case as I couldn't find one that I liked and was small enough.
My question is about the back end, my current system uses two 1tb drives in a raid1 configuration. In this system i used the mb's onboard hardware raid, this worked for the most part very well.
So my queston is this how hard would it be to set up two drives of say 4tb in a software raid1 and have the OS on a third drive (maybe a small ss drive) and how would one go about install this set up?

Thanks for any help