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Thread: Paging and logical memory allocation

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    Paging and logical memory allocation

    My view of memory is that the heap is located in low memory (above the text and data) and then high up in memory you have the stack. Is this how the memory is actually allocated? Or is it contiguous (and paged). I know page tables reference consecutive frames, so does this mean the first n pages are allocated to the heap, text and data; and then you have m pages allocated to the stack? For example, if the heap,data,text require 5.5 inner page table pages to reference them; and the stack needs 1.5 inner page table pages to reference it, then will there be 8 inner page table pages or 7? There will be 8 if the stack is indeed located much higher in virtual memory, but if its actually all located in one contiguous block of virtual memory then it will require only 7 pages (as the 2 half pages will merge into one). Hopefully this makes sense. I am really keen to get the answer to this question as its been plaguing me for weeks! Thanks.

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