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Thread: SSO Duplicate Account?

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    SSO Duplicate Account?



    I had not logged into the boards for awhile (way before switch to SSO) and logged in with the email i knew to be my Ubuntu One acct. I thought it was my forum email as well. Apparently not, as it did not take me to my old account or username, but instead created a new one for me.

    I know the username of my old account, not entirely sure of the email but i could list off several possibilities.

    Is it possible to have this account diassociated and return to my old one? If so, what information do you need to know - i'll be happy to provide it in a PM.

    All the best.

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    Re: SSO Duplicate Account?

    First we have absolutely no idea what the original account is so can't help there.

    Secondly - you can PM the e-mail address for the forum account AND the username/profile URL and I can verify that, then we can move on.

    Thirdly - it would be extremely helpful if people read stickies and notices - if they did that things would move along a lot quicker.

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    Re: SSO Duplicate Account?

    An account name would be beneficial. I checked your current provider, and found three more accounts, but doubt they're yours.
    If you know the email address, you could change the SSO primary email address, and (after disassociating this account) you'd be set.
    Lacking that, we can drop hints, or email the old address.
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