I am having a bit of a problem trying out Compiz in Lubuntu 12.10. I'm running an older Dell Vostro 200 desktop, with 2 gigs of RAM and an Nvidia (G71) GeForce 7300 GS VGA card... I chose the nouveau drivers as I was unsure about using the proprietary drivers available (I assume they might work better, but it said something about interfering with security updates)

The problem I'm having is, I installed Compiz using the Synaptic Package Manager, and it all seemed to go fine, but when I run Compiz it causes untold issues with the windows, desktop and everything else... I have tried looking for tutorials and docs online, and the majority assume one is installing and configuring from the command line (a situation I prefer to avoid when a GUI is available)

I use the Compiz Icon (in the system tray area) to activate Compiz, and to open the settings manager, it is using GTK/Metacity as the "decorations manager" (I think it was called on the menu, don't have it open right now) as it is the only option under that entry on the menu...

The biggest issue is, the cube does not seem to work... I have a fairly normal window, with whatever app is open in it, and I can sort of rotate the view, but all I get is the flat plane of the single app rotating and the rest of the "cube" is invisible, no matter if the other "desktops" have apps open in them too... and it seems as if any app I chose from the taskbar buittons ends up in the same window as I am currently in, regardless where it was before. (and it's not invisible because of transparency, I checked on that)

So basically what I am wondering is, first, is there some reason it's acting weird due to my graphics card, graphics settings or drivers, or perhaps because I have the wrong DE to start with? (my Lubuntu is running LXDE under Openbox, as far as I understand)

And if it's not an issue with the graphics card, drivers, or something along those lines, can anyone point me to a good, basic beginner's tutorial about setting up Compiz that does not rely on tons of command line stuff, but uses the GUI and a recent version of it (many of the tutorials I have seen that DO use the GUI settings are for fairly old versions of Compiz and many things are not the same and it can be hard to determine what corresponds to what...)

Anyway, thanks for your time.