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    Re: Say Goodbye to Windows XP - StartUbuntu Project

    Agree with the above!
    MY dads Laptop running Vista was just going wrong all the time.
    I have now installed Ubuntu 13.10 and it wasn't easy, he would never have been able to do it.

    You need to plug the ethernet cable in as the wireless adapter card is not recognised.
    The display was very blocky then just lines across it after install, so un-useable!

    Luckily after the third power off/on the display stayed on long enough for me to download the additonal drivers so I could select the Broadcom wireless driver and Nvidia graphics card.
    These should be included without having to download them!
    What concerns me is that if the screen hadn't recovered how would you manage to get it up and running, remembering that a complete novice wouldn't know anything about the terminal.

    After that printing should be sorted out, if you have a HP printer then your in luck as they do provide very good Linux support, the canon printer did work but not great and a lot of functionality was messed up.

    These basic sorts of things really need to be what I would class as a priority because a newcomer who runs in to these issues on a first trial or install will just give up and go back to Windows/Mac
    Its OK having all the latest gizmos and gadgets for the desktop, but if you can't get to the the point of even seeing them it's a little bit pointless.


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