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Thread: Unstable Wifi

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    Question Unstable Wifi

    I know it's a common issue, but i looked in many posts and i can't fix it. I have Ubuntu 13.04 and my wifi connection lasts from 2 to 5 minutes, then it stops. What can i do?

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    Re: Unstable Wifi

    Hello Mauricio2,

    All i can say other than other posts's offerings is to try a ubuntu live cd of 12.04LTS and see if it works fine in that. If so, its a problem with your 13.04 install and you may need to refresh it or better yet i would suggest sticking with the LTS release since its constantly supported and updated by canonical with more attention and for a longer time period (4 years 3 months) longer than the continuous releases. The advantages of cosmetics arent really worth the stability of the LTS release in my humble opinion... But anyhow, try a live cd and see how the internet holds up in that. Also check your router, it could be your computer's hardware, your OS, or your router. Maybe even the internet service provider, so its a tough one to diagnose with not much info, im sorry i cant be of more help!

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