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Thread: ubuntu seriously lagging, freezing

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    ubuntu seriously lagging, freezing

    Hi Guys,

    My Ubuntu 13.10 is acting REALLY weird. Never had a significant problem with my computer until now.

    Its when I load up UBUNTU and EVERYTHING LAGS, badly. Clicking on the Ubuntu search app takes about 10 seconds before it decides to do anything, then its almost like a slow-motion replay of it appearing. frame by frame. I check sys monitor (with same results) and eventually find both CPU`s are running 70-99% when no other programme is running. I then try to shutdown UBUNTU and it TOTALLY freezes and becomes unresponsive.

    Also System Updater keeps telling me some of the upgrades can`t complete, and should attempt a partial upgrade. I click on partial upgrade and nothing happens. From what I can gather the upgrade is to do with my onboard nVidia GeForce 7025 graphics card. Ubuntu shows now as a different graphics card completely that I don`t recognise.

    Thinking logically I decided to do a complete reboot of UBUNTU with my 13:04 disc, choosing delete current UBUNTU and install new UBUNTU. Unfortunately when its upgrading the same problem with the Software Updater, it can`t install all updates, then when you click Partial Update, software updater disappears and nothing happens.

    Do I have a virus? Can UBUNTU even get viruses? Or is my saystem too old. Bought it in 2005.

    1GB DDR2 RAM
    nVidia Geforce 7050M-M motherboard
    onboard nVidia 7025 graphics card
    AMD2 3.0Mhz Dual core processor
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