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Thread: Wireless bridge, folder sharing and AFP

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    Wireless bridge, folder sharing and AFP

    Hi experts, I am getting frustrated with networking problems. Hopefully someone can help.

    I used to have quite simple and working home network setup:
    #1. adsl modem/router with wlan
    #2. Ubuntu PC with all my media files connected to #1 via ethernet cable
    #3. Macbook connected to #1 via wlan.

    I set up netatalk, avahi etc to the ubuntu PC so I could access my media from macbook while in my homenetwork and everything worked fine for years.

    After moving to new apartment it was no longer easy to connect the PC to router with ethernet so got an old apple airport express to act as a wireless bridge between PC and router.

    The problem is; although I can ping and ssh PC from MB and MB lists the shared folder in finder, I cannot connect to the shared folder from MB.

    Something in the wireless bridge setup is interfering but I cannot find out what.

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    Re: Wireless bridge, folder sharing and AFP

    Ok, I threw out the airport and replaced it with old linksys+openwrt combo.
    Now I can access the shared media folder but timemachine backup disk is still unavailable.

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