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Thread: Login problem

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    Login problem

    I have install ubuntu 13.04 using usb, about a week ago, everything is working fine. Just of recent i added kubuntu desktop properties, xfce4, gnome classic, gnome failback and cairo desktop and some emerald themes (which i downloaded from gnome art site). everything was functioning normal. Jst today i decided to added Lxdm and edubuntu desktop. some of the packages were downloaded while other were not.
    After shutdown and restarting my system, at the login it shows me Login and some names of other users such as syslog, usb... and saned from then on after typing my username and passwd it will just hang there with the blue screen and a pointer.
    i can only log by pressing ctrl+alt+f2 or f3.....
    pls. can anyone help me? pls i need help.

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    Re: Login problem

    Please do not create duplicate threads - it dilutes community effort. Your other thread ( has the discussion. Closing this one.


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