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Thread: Make hard drive read only command

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    Re: Make hard drive read only command

    Yes I know it looks like it is the floppy. But I dont have connect to my pc a floppy, and I turn it off in my mobo bios. I dont use a floppy.

    Apparently the hacker has to do some kind of mount device procedure, the floppy or the usb or the hard drive in order to make the attack succesfull. Like I said I am not a pro on black hat offensive techniques so I dont know the name for this attack.

    I have an intermidiate level at white hat defense techniques I suppose.

    The hacker does something like the next video, but not phisically from my home, in my case the hacker does it through internet.

    The other thing is Ive been dealing with all the attacks this hacker has been doing to me. That when something fishy happends I know that is the hacker doing that. Is like recognising a pattern that is very obvious.

    I know this one is tricky. Cause you have to know when it is:

    1) A false positive, legitime: A technical problem, internet drop down, a mistake from user, etc,etc,etc...


    2) A hacker attack: It disgaise like if it is a technical problem to confuse (hacker), internet drop down (hacker), a mistake from user, etc,etc,etc...(hacker)

    This 2 formats are very similar or identical, and sometimes the only way to recognising them, is doing a very deep study about the problem.

    I am going to show 2 more screenshots of the attack. Just a minute...

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    Re: Make hard drive read only command

    I am trying to upload the next screenshot but the size is 1.3 MiB, and its not allowing me. I will have to figure it this one.
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    Re: Make hard drive read only command

    I called my ISP and they told me.

    -They dont have a deparment specialized on security
    -They dont have a deparment that provides linux support.
    -We dont use a firewall between the internet and their users or customers to protect them.

    No wonder, this is an easy one for a hacker that knows what he is doing.

    Basically Lubuntu is doing magic for me in my case. Lubuntu sais he guys I know I can be very secure with some hardening and so on, but I need some hardware security help on this one.

    Oh well, the situation gave me no other choice to make an investment on some hardware security (hardware firewall,hard disk SSD SED) This combined with Lubuntu or linux in general, and some hardening OS. Is going to give some hard time to this fool (hacker).

    I am just missing the hardware VPN, but that will be for later. In the meantime software VPN

    Thanks for help guys

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    Re: Make hard drive read only command

    Grsecurity and PAX fix the problem and big time.

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