hello ubuntu,

I am trying to burn my mkv copies of my old animes on to dvd. I have the live action death note movies in mkv. The files play great with vlc player and I can change audio from English to Japanese and subtitles in English on and off just fine. but when I try to convert them with DeVeDe to an .iso to burn to a dvd I lose the sub titles and the audio defaults to english dubbed.

Using DeVeDe I did this...
1, open devede
2, click create video dvd
3, create dvd menu
4, click The add file button
5, on the file properties page there are no drop downs for alternate audio selections and I don't have a file to add the subtitles. (I only have an mkv file titled "death note movie.mkv")

I am lost at this point because when i play the file on vlc I have the option for english/japanese audio and english subtitles.

I went ahead and converted the files and the menu to .iso.
opened the .iso with vlc, menu worked great, and looked good. thevideo file played fine, except that it played the english dubbed and I no longer had the option for alternate audio or even subtitles.

I then opened the iso with my movie player, same issue

I then tried to burn it to a dvd (idk maybe it would work on my xbox or dvd player was my thought) but same issue.

I then tried tovid. with no luck (It was my first time using it. tovid was a little confusing to at the moment)

any advice would be appreciated.