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Thread: accidentally installed ubuntu on win 7.

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    accidentally installed ubuntu on win 7.

    need help , hi i had accidentally installed ubuntu on win 7 without saving my pics and videos. my hard disk was not partitioned.
    is there any way to recover my stuff, i tried testdisk, couldnt use it much. plz

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    Re: need help , hi i had accidentally installed ubuntu on win 7.

    they are some software that can save "deleted" file, but it takes hours and hours.
    if you selected long format or any other option that truly delete the files youre fu****ed.

    i dont know about the different file format either, since Linux is not the same as windows.
    if you didnt have anything important, forget about it. but if you did have precious file that you dont have any backup i suggest taking the time to scan the HDD and recover some. (PS: normally even after recovering file, half will be corrupt and 1/4 will be lost).

    edit: stop writing on the disk, if youre on it right now stop. the more it write the more you lose...
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    Re: accidentally installed ubuntu on win 7.

    If teskdisks deeper search did not show anything photorec may still find some files. Any part of drive that was overwritten by Ubuntu files will of course be gone. And photorec is working from just what data is on drive, so file names are not recovered and extension is based on type of data. But photos have internal data that may help with renaming.

    Testdisk & photorec

    Use scripts to help sort and rename files:

    gddrescue, Scalpel, magic rescue, photorec, foremost, sleuthkit & others

    NTFS file recovery suggestion by Mark Phelps (not free but works)
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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