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Thread: javascript question

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    javascript question

    I have been using the same basic installation for something like five years.
    Ubuntu 9.04 upgraded to 10.04 and finally 12.04

    Recently I decided to upgrade my HD to a 2TB hybrid and figured now was the time to install fresh and use the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 12.04

    I first performed a test install on a smaller drive...all worked well,
    so I went ahead and put the 2TB drive in place, installed the OS and Gnome.
    I then applied all updates and gave everything a good test.

    System performs real well...but there is one odd problem that I just plain do not get.

    This /only/ happens with Firefox and as far as I've seen /only/ if I am posting to Craigslist.

    If I enter text into the "subject" field, the browser behaves normally,
    but if I try to enter text into the "body" field the entry is so slow it's impossible to use. If I turn off javascript, then the browser works fine.

    Investigating further I found this anomalous behavior does /not/ occur if I use Xfce.

    I also tried Unity and that gave the same results as Gnome.

    So....what could cause a javascript problem in Firefox that does not exist in Xfce?

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    Re: javascript question

    Solved :

    By trial and error removal of Gnome components, I found it was the light themes that caused the problem.
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    Re: javascript question

    Good, then please mark the thread 'solved'.
    If you install Buntu 17.10 remember to download a new ISO file.

    Old files might contain a bug which can damage UEFI hardware. Updating an existing installation and upgrading to 17.10 (if one has faith in upgrades in general) are safe.

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    Re: javascript question

    I wanted to double check to be 100% sure,
    It's now marked as "solved".


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